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What to do about ON THIS DAY VIDEOS???? POLL!

It has come to my attention yesterday that not everyone likes the ON THIS DAY videos I make, which show a video each day about a game the Bucs played in the past. I try my best to mix up the content, not always using a game I think is best, but show equally old Bucs, 90s orange Bucs, early Pewter Bucs, and Current post SuperBowl Bucs games too. The critics say this stuff can be done during the offseason. 

I do not take time away from the 2009 Bucs to do these videos, and I plan to do them back here on BucEm immediately because the number of people watching them has declined since I exported them to TheBucReport.

So here is your chance to voice your opinion. I only want to give Buc'em readers what they want. Vote now, let your opinions be heard.

Please leave comments (good ones) on the subject. 

Thank You!