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Roster cut down day looming

September 5th is just around the corner.  No, it's not the start of the regular season, but the day that all NFL teams ahve to cut their roster to get from 75 players to 53 players.  On all teams, there will be some quality youngsters, some talented veterans, and some journeymen who are told to pack their bags.  Practice squads will be formed by those deemed worth of a second life in the NFL.  It's a difficult day with difficult decisions that have being made since the beginning of April.

The Bucs are no different than any other team.  Who your backups are can make or break your team.  We've all seen a starting QB, a #1 WR, a starting defensive end all go down.  The season doesn't stop there, the back up comes in, and hopefully does an adequate job of filling in.  If you have depth, not only do injuries not sting as much, but you can rotate players mroe frequently, keeping players fresh.

So what issues are the Bucs looking at?

We have a few positions where difficult decisions will be made one way or the other.  Quarterback is a nice place to begin, with 4 guys currently on the roster.  We know Leftwich and Freeman are here to stay, and at this point McCown seems like a lock.  That leaves Josh Johnson on the bubble, again.  Morris has waffled on keeping Johnson, saying it looked like he would keep him, and now that he would have to earn it.  4 QB's is a big leap to take, as you can count on maybe 2 seeing playing time.  If the Bucs keep 4, it leaves them thin at another position.

Running back has the same issue.  Kareem Huggins would probably make the team any other year, but in 2009 finds himself as the 5th guy on the depth chart.  If the Bucs were keeping 3 QB's, I'd say he has a chance to make the team, but with 4 QB's being kept, I just can't see 5 RB's being here either.

There are other positions that need to be addressed.  We know there will be some receivers getting cut.  A tight end or two will be sent out to pasture and OL/DL usually see some hits.

The area that help is needed, at least in the short term is the secondary.  With unknown status on talib, 4 game sit down for T-Jack, Elbert Mack being hobbled and Torrie Cox being Torrie Cox, there isn't alot of depth there.  Thel inebackign group has the same potential issue.

Keep an eye on other teams.  One man's trash is another man's treasure at this time of year. 

What surprise cuts do you think the Bucs make?  Could a potential fan favorite get the heave ho?