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Will there be a 0-16 in the NFL?

For the few people who know me from my prior blog, I occasionally am asked to write for the Washington Post feature called "The League". I must wait 24 hours or so before I post any piece on there anywhere else, so I am reposting the small piece here. The question to the panel was, will anyone go 0-16 this season.

Here is my article....


Bucking Perfection

Which 0-3 team has the best chance of going winless? Truth is none, because going winless is a Hailey's Comet-esque occurrence, and it's an almost impossible task to perform so badly over the period of 16 games as to lose each and every one.

However, in the name of fairness, the Cleveland Brownsappear to have the best chance at it, but even they have veterans at enough positions to get a lucky win. Equally futile on both sides of the ball are the St. Louis Rams, who fit the mold.

Tampa Bay, while probably a popular pick, flip-flop good performances from enough people on the two sides of the ball to get that lucky win or two. However, should they decide to go with either Josh Freeman or Josh Johnson, that could put the NFL's original Oh-fer in direct competition with last year's dubious Detroit Lions, and copy their formula for bizarro-perfection.

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