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2009; Unraveled

"I don't know what Josh Freeman could have done"
"I don't know what Josh Freeman could have done"

You ever get one of those shirts where you see a string loose. So you pull on it, and you keep pulling, and all the while your tearing the very fabric of your shirt apart. 

Welcome to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; 2009 style. They have completely unraveled themselves. 

86 Total Yards.

If it weren't for Josh Johnson's late game spark, it would have been 35. No matter. Not since the days of Steve Spurrier Quarterbacking the orange numbered Bucs have we been so offensively challenged. No were not talking Run & Gun Spurrier, were talking None & Done. 

Call it payback from the football Gods. Many a Bucs teams would do THIS to the visiting team at Raymond James. But those days are gone too. An equally ineffective defense that now misses tackles on a quarterly basis can finally officially put a law suite in against the offense for lack of support!

When asked about what went wrong, coach Raheem Morris insisted its not fair to blame any one man, that the Bucs were simply out manned by a much better team. When asked if Josh Freeman or Josh Johnson will start playing next week, Raheem replied that the damage was done by more than just one person, and that he could not imagine any ONE play that Freeman would have made the difference. That no matter the end result, Josh Freeman at QB would not have mattered. I get that. I get it when he calls the Giants a Grown Man team, like the Bucs want to be someday. But are the Bucs that far away from the end product? 

And you have to wonder, when you watched Josh Johnson move the sticks, would he have moved the chains  earlier in the game when it mattered?

One change for the positive; with all the negative press surrounding Sabby Piscitelli and his blunders from game one, it would appear he is making up for those over the last two weeks. On a monster sack, the Giants missed a short FG at the end of the half that would have appeared to give the Bucs new life.

So wouldnt they have tried to get some points before the half like they did against Dallas?

Upon further review, the Cowboys game appears to be a fluke. Mirrors or Magic, the kind  unseen around these parts since Sam Wyche and Ray Perkins. Running attack with Cadillac and Ward? POOF! Gone. Passing game? Kazzaam! Gone.

Up next for the Bucs is a road game in Washington with a Redskin team that is also struggling. It will be the last chance for a win until Carolina comes to town, or until the Bucs grow up and play Big Man football.