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Last Word on The Buc Report partnership

I apologize for not being specific enough with both TheBucReport and our Buc'em Readers regarding this move. So I will be now....


The criticism of late is on my letting someone else do the videos for the On This Day series, or more so, on the questionable behavior of the site I let do it. First of all, I have done this to give me more time to do things that are more current on the 2009 Bucs. If anything, Ive heard of developing a reputation of being 'lost in the past". Just because Im knowledable on the Bucs history, does not mean I'm stuck in it.

Mathew runs TBR, and in fact started the site on my advice one day. He misunderstood my offer to let him use a story or two into using ALL of them. He also took stories from Pewter Report, Times, TBO, ect. There is a word for that when you dont give proper credit. Plagiarism. 

I graduated college. I know this. He did not.  I cannot tell you how bad the guys feels. Does anyone out there have a buddy who has done something wrong and realizes it and is taking steps to correct it? Would you not give the guy a second chance? His crime is not knowing he was supposed to put something along the lines of " Story by Buc'" or "courtesy of St. Pete Times".  It's over. 

Starting next week, Buc'em will have the Cannon Shots as a regular feature, and one of them will be a cannon shot from a cool video called ON THIS DAY, where a Bucs website shows a video about a Bucs game that was played on the very same day.

There is an old saying were all familiar with. Fool Me Once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

I apologize for not demanding the proper removal of all the article which its my understanding they will be gone by the time I post this. If it happens again the Mud will be on my face.