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TODAY's Games; How Buc'em sees 'em!

Week 3 is here, and there are some great games on the board. My Picks in  Bold.


Cleveland @ Baltimore  1PM    - This game of Old vs New Browns shouldnt be close at halftime.

Tennessee @ New York Jets  1PM   -   J - E - T - S - Jets, Jets, Jets, are for real.

New York Giants @ Tampa Bay  1PM -If we all go to Bulls games, will the Glazers funnel that money to ManU?

Green Bay @ St. Louis Rams  1PM  - The rams will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Greatest show on turf with the greatest Tur......  oh never mind. Family web site. 

Washington @ Detroit  1PM - Washington Stinks. face it. Detroit plays with heart. They'll be partying in MoTown.

Jacksonville @ Houston  1PM -Im not buying the Jags were just having a down year in 08. Its bleeding over. And Houston is finally making those predictors each year that pick the Texans to be the surprise team, right.

San Francisco @ Minnesota 1PM - Im going with Mike Singletary's team playing defense and shutting down AP.....for this week.

Kansas City @ Philadelphia 1PM - Its time for an upset. That and I need two games to believe in Kolb.

Atlanta @ New England  1PM - Im still waiting for Cinderella Falcon to break that darn glass heel.

New Orleans @ Buffalo  4PM - We moved the ball pretty well on Buffalo. Imagine what the Saints do. Another game over 40 points? Bet on it.

Chicago @ Seattle  4PM - Like Washington, Im not sold on Seattle being a good team this year. I think the Chicago showed spirit last week, and could walk away with this one.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati  4:15PM  - Ok everyone, back to where you belong. Pittsburgh, you go over there and win. Cinci, you head over there and lose. Thank You, and dont pretend to be what your not ever again.

Miami @ San Diego  4:15PM  - The Wildcat could keep the Charger offense on the bench like the Colts on Monday, so the question is, can The Chargers Offense score enough with the same limited time? .... If it goes that way?

Denver @ Oakland 4:15PM - Im still amazed how many Raiders are playing for Tom Cable. Denver is the worst 2-0 team in the NFL, and that will show today.

Indianapolis @ Arizona 8:20PM - I predicted an 8-8 finish for the Colts, but that was before I heard Tom Moore came back as O-Coordinator. This could be 32-31...


Carolina @ Dallas  8:30 PM - We will have some company in the NFC South Cellar! The Panthers. This one will be so boring even Jon Gruden wont be able to spice it up.


NOTE: Next week, our whole panel will join in on their picks!


So tell us what you think? Here is your chance to put it down BEFORE 1:00 so you can say I TOLD YOU SO!