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Survey says? Bucs to get stomped

Every week I've been putting up a poll to ask the Buc Em readers how they think the Bucs will do in their next game.  The results had been surprisingly positive, and incorrect.  But like all good things, that comes to an end.  This week, with the Giants traveling down to Tampa to take on the Bucs, the sentiment has been now will the Bucs get beat, but by how much.  As per usual, I pulled the results as of Saturday morning and here they are.

What will the outcome of the Bucs/Giants game be?
Bucs win by 8 or more
7 votes
Bucs win by less than 8
16 votes
Giants win by 7 or less
14 votes
Giants win by 8 or more
68 votes

105 votes


I don't know what I find more disturbing.  The fact that the Bucs getting their butts kicked drew 64% of the vote, or that 7 people (6%) think the Bucs will win by eight points or more.  I've been wrong on my two predictions thus far.  This would actually be one I'd hope I'm wrong on.