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Comedy aside, the Bucs could upset the Giants...heres how!

Ward will get the start, and hopefully, a games worth.

To be honest, the offense isn't half bad. It is not as bad as some would have you think, and not as good as the numbers would tell, with a lot of garbage yardage and scoring in garbage time. But it is what it is, yet this offense hasnt yet reached anywhere near its potential, and the Giants are the team that could bring out the best in the Bucs.

All offseason we heard about it, the new zone blocking scheme, and we talked about the deepest part of the Bucs, the Running Backs. We have four of them you know!

I get Ward being granted the start, going up against his former team is the intangible the Bucs are looking for. But so far to this point, Tampa Bay has not once worked its offense the way its meant to be worked; with hard running and play action fakes. Those are not working because the Bucs are falling behind too fast in their game.

Lo and behold, along come the Giants, who can pass with the best of them, but probably wont just off the bat. The G-men from New York will probably run the ball and use up some of the clock and in doing so would be doing us a favor by slowing the game down. Against Buffalo and Dallas, the clock spend up instead. If the Giants do slow it down, it gives the Bucs their chance to use their best weapons in the most effective manner. Controling the clock, keeping New York's receivers from getting double digit receptions, and for the first time in 2009 running the offensive game plan the way it was meant to be ran.

When you watch these games for a second time (there has to be a name for the type of psychosis that represents), to see our Defense flying to the ball and making plays for the most part, but then giving up those bad plays just when they can least afford to give them up.

Heres hoping some of these things come true. A good indicator will be what the score is at halftime. Any more than 14-17 points just tells me its not going happen, unless the Bucs are able to keep up with them, so as not to abandon the run too early, or at all. Look for some early success by Ward, and if thats the case, someone should be open deep down the field on a play action. Lets hope the line protects with another week without Jeff Faine as Starting Center.


Gaines Adams. Raheem Morris will not put up with Mr. Adams, and he got his warning call last week. You do not even see the man on the TV set. If you cannot find Gaines Adams this week by the QB, you will find him on the bench or worse yet, here in Tampa while the team travels without him.