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I humbly Accept..

With the changing of the guard so to speak, the average Buc'em reader will hardly notice any difference. To say that though is not to describe what we want to do completely. Because we have only been doing this for a few months, (New comers UNFNole and Sandy just joined, and I only came on a month after BucWild took over, after helping Scott who ran it before), there really isnt too much of a standard yet, and this gives us a chance to fine tune what we want to do and want to accomplish. 


  • Bring you breaking news and keep Buc'em readers on top of things
  • Provide entertaining video to help with that perspective
  • Give you opinions from more than one side of the table
  • Provide you, the reader, with a forum to express yourselves as you see fit.


We encourage you all to leave comments on anything you see fit. All that we ask is that you keep it  somewhat civil, which has never been a problem on Buc'em. You guys will police yourselves. We will not remove your comments because we dont agree with them, or you havnt mastered the art of grammer or punctuation.  With that, we hope you will remember a simple standard; dont post a comment you wouldnt say to someones face. Also, it helps if you reply to someone with the reply button. 

Not only comments, but Buc'em is one of the few places where you the readers can make your own posts. In an effort to really get that going, every week, I will check the Fan posts and bring up a great piece to the front for everyone. 

Contests- I started Buc Trivia, but that will be expanded to prizes for great posts in the fan post sections. Also, there will prizes for great photos or movies posted too! We will work on all of these things and more...

Historical Movies- As much as I love the ON THIS DAY part of this, These movies are best suited for the offseason. We have a Bucs season, 2009, right here in front of us, so I will create a place for On This Day to be continued in its present format with more info, and still provide a basic version of it on here. This will keep Buc'em more up to date on things current, while still provide a venue for those who thirst for more more more! As a fan since 1979, I find it amazing how history repeats itself with this franchise over and over again! Its my hope I can provide some insight into that angle without robbing you of information about the 2009 Bucs.