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A change at the top of Buc Em

Three months ago I made the decision to take over Buc 'Em as lead blogger.  I had always wanted to write for any publication I could, and SBNation provided a forum for me to do so while interacting with other members of the community.  To help me with the task, I asked Niko to join up, which he did.  The two latest additions, Sandy Kazmir and UNFNole have also been contributing on a regular basis to Buc 'Em.  But as we know, sometimes life gets in the way.

Due to some outside circumstances and my (real) job, I wasn't able to complete all the obligations that were asked of me.  SBN gave me two options really, either walk away from Buc 'Em entirely or hand over the keys, allow someone else to be lead and still remain on staff.  I decided, that with guys like Niko, Sandy and UNFNole in the mix, I could still participate while handing over "lead blogger" duties.

With that, SBNation has decided to hand the blog over to Niko.  He will be the lead guy here at Buc 'Em moving forward.  Now for my very small fan reader base; fear not, I will still be part of the Buc Em team.  In fact, I will continue to write as I have been, with the same types of columns, and information that I've been bringing the last few months. SBN made a decision from the top down.  They needed someone who could sign on and give it their all, and with many other moving parts in my personal life, I didn't feel that now was that time for me.

The good news is that Buc Em is not only left in capable hands, but I'm not leaving.  I have enjoyed writing the past three months and look forward to doing so in the coming months.  While Niko will assume lead duties, not much else will change.  You will still be brought the previews, the videos, grading columns and other insight.  This is just a shuffle at the top of the pyramid.  In reality, you as a member of the Buc 'Em community should not see any change.  I will be posting/commenting as usual, no change there. The end game will very closely resemble the last few months.

I hope you all continue to visit Buc Em and I have appreciated your comments and articles the last few months, and look forward to those that come in the future.  I'm excited to still be part of the team and looking forward to being able to continue my contributions.