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Glazers = Culverhouse? Can we expect a return to the 80s?

Modern day Culverhouse? or just another one of us suckered in this economy?
Modern day Culverhouse? or just another one of us suckered in this economy?

In short, I think not...and I'll explain why. Before I explain why not, I will get into why there is evidence to suggest that maybe, just maybe, it looks like we do have something to worry about. Even as early as 1980, reports in the St. Pete Times showed the Bucs were among the league's lowest in team Salary paid. But the product on the field did not show a problem.

During this time, the Bucs went to the playoffs 3 of 4 years, and were 10 points away from a SuperBowl in 1979. But then the Doug Williams contract dispute happened, and he wasnt the only one. Dave Reavis, a Left Tackle since the first Bucs team didnt have his demands met. Jimmy Giles held our for more money, as he was one of the League's elite Tight Ends. Reports continued to show the Bucs were at the Bottom of the payroll, just as they are now. But the Culverhouse family did not buy another Sports team. They were cheap from the beginning, and they stayed that way. The Glazers on the other hand, were NOT cheap and did spend money on the Bucs, good money.

There is no denying that since the purchase of Manchester United Football Club, The Tampa Bay Bucs are not spending the same kind of money. You can look at it two different ways. 1) The Glazers dont care about the Bucs 2) They fell victim to the same economy we have. I like version 2, because one makes no sense. Of course they care, or they would not have fired Jon Gruden, and continue to pay him and Bruce Allen, after two winning seasons in a row! No, the Glazers are simply cash poor right now. They have more than enough money coming in to run the daily operations of the franchise, but they cannot give out cash bonuses, and thats what makes the world go round my friends. So what are we to do? Do we boycott? Do we gripe on the boards? Well Im not sure about boycotting. Your now giving them even less cash to work with...thats not going to help. Missing football. Go out to the games and enjoy them if you can. But make your beef on the Bucs Boards, make them on Pewter Report. Call in the Big Dog and Ron and Ian, or other stations too. Its proven so far the Glazers do hear us. They heard us with regards to Gruden, they will hear about this too. And then maybe, just maybe, the Bucs will be more aggressive with the spending next free agency period. Because if not, we know where this will end up.

It was Culverhouses continued lack of funding that was the most responsible for the 14 straight losing seasons. Ray Perkins turned around 40 years of losing with the NY Giants. Leeman Bennett had the Falcons on the verge of greatness in 1980. Sam Wyche coached an offensive powerhouse to the superbowl in Cincinnati. Surely they could have done better if given better. Raheem Morris must not be allowed to suffer their fate.