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ON THIS DAY- 9/21/1997 - Bucs, Dilfer, shine for the rest of the nation!

We were 3-0. The New Bucs!

A new day in Tampa Bay.

Pewter, sold out Tampa Stadium, and a national TV audience on TNT. Back then, TNT would get the first 8 Sunday Night games, and ESPN got the last 8 games. One day I need to upgrade my version of this game to get the last few minutes, where Ive heard Trent Dilfer points to Jimmy Johnson and takes a knee instead of piling on more points. The year before, J. Johnson ripped Dilfer when he said hed rather go to coach Miami who has Dan Marino, than Tampa Bay with Trent Dilfer who will never win anything. Something to that effect. 

During the game, the Bucs showed the country Thunder and Lightning, WD40, Warrick Dunn and Mike Alstott!

...and Dilfer had his best game as a pro!

Who knows, if the Bucs get their act in gear like they did in 96, this could happen next year!!