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Week 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly with game balls

That's right, I'm not even going with ugly, it's fugly, at least for this week.  For those that had the pleasure of missing the Bucs game, congrats, you found a way to spend 3.5 hours better than I did.  We'll recap some of the good and bad thinsg here.  For those that saw the game, we'll throw up our game balls and our cleverly named anti-game balls.  As per usual, we'll try to stick with individual players, not units when discussing the game.  We'll be doling out two game/anti-game balls along with the Buc of the week and Bust of the week. 

Who got what?  Check inside.

The Good

Would you have blamed me if I left this section blank?  The good news is, no one else on the Bucs got seriously hurt.  Our O-Line played reasonably well, though Leftwich is still getting pounded.  Derrick Ward continues to look like a good addition to the team.  Kellen Winslow started to earn his paycheck.  I'm finding it tough to see the good on defensive side.  No HUGE breakdowns, but the fact I have to name that as something good disgusts me.

The Bad

Leftwich's decision making.  The OL without Faine.  Ronde being beat in the first quarter.  Barrett Ruud and his apparent invisibility so far this year.  Game mananagement (yes, I'm talking about the 4th and 1 decision to go for it and the play call).

The Fugly

This isn't for the faint of heart.  The lack of wrap up tackling.  112 freaking penalty yards.  Watching Trent Edwards just sit in the pocket and have plenty of time to hit the underneath receivers.  The inability to generate a consistent pass rush. 

Buc of the week

Kellen Winslow - Had a few nice grabs, including a 42 yard touchdown reception.  Don't know why we didn't attack the middle of the field more.  He had a few slip ups on the blocking side of things, but he's never been the best blocking tight end.  Hopefully this was a glimpse of the next few years.

Game Balls

Geno Hayes - Continues to look like a permanent fixture at WLB.  Had a few dumb plays (penalties also), but is quick to deliver a hit and seems to be all over the field.

Hovan/Sims/Miller - The tackles in Bates' scheme are supposed to just clog the middle, and that's it.  Well, these guys have been doing that, though they aren't well suited for the scheme and seem to be generating most of the pressure on opposing QB's.  I wish we could pair their efforts with a solid defensive end.

Anti-Game Balls

Barrett Ruud - Doesn't look like the same guy.  Seems late to the ball on most plays and out of position in pass coverage.  No idea what's going on here.

Sammy Stroughter- Look, I like the kid, but he dropped two catchable balls and assisted in the interception that hit the ground but was still called a pick.  Learn fast young man, we could use you.

Bust of the Week

Gaines Adams - Until he performs better, consider him on this list full time.  Generated no consistent pressure.  I'lla dmit, I didn't watch him on every play, but on about 30% of the plays, I did watch #90 either bolt up field to either not generate pressure or open up a run lane or attempt a stunt inside only to get knocked backwards.  Where are the new pas rush moves?  Where's this explosiveness?  He has 4 tackles on the year, and 2 penalties.  Not a good mix.

Drop your thoughts in the comments section.