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ON THIS DAY- 9/19 and 9/20 (Oops)

Yes, I did forget about yesterday! so you get two for one again today!!


First up..9/19, and It's the last game before the 1982 strike. The Bucs and Redskins played on a rain-soaked field, and missed extra points and FGs. This would be the eventual SuperBowl Bound Redskins.

Next, Todays  On This Day feature takes us to the very first game ever played at Raymond James Stadium. The Bucs were 0-2, losing to Randy Moss and VIkes in week one, then at Packers week two. It was the 6th straight week the Bucs were on the road including preseason, waiting for the Ray Jay to get finished. It didnt look good here vs the Bears either, down 0-15 at halftime. But, I remember this game mostly for "The Dave Moore Catch"! And it happened on this day!