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VIDEO- On This Day: September 2nd, 1984- @ Chicago Bears

John McKay and his Bucs had just come off a disasterous 1983 season that ended up 2-14. McKay had JackThompson as his starter, but Steve Deberg from Denver  was waiting in the wings..


.which was around game 3!

Similar to where we are now? Jack Thompson? Steve Deberg?

Thompson started most of the preseason games as evidenced by his greater number of pass attempts.

Thompson was 32/53 (60%) 359 yards (11.2 per attempt) and 1 TD , While DeBerg was 19/43 265 yards (14 per attempt) and 1 TD.

                                                                Sound like Luke McCown & Byron Leftwich? ANYONE? Bueller?

We all know which QB was the better of the two