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3 Birds, One Stone (video)! On This Day, Enemy Flashback, & Classic Enemy Flashback!

It just so happens, the ON THIS DAY feature for today, IS the Enemy Flashback episode too, 2005 Buffalo at Tampa Bay, the last time the two teams met. A lot in common too, as Buffalo was preparing for an opening day surprise runner named Cadillac Williams!


Well he is back! Unlike that 05 team, this one from Buffalo has weapons. Trent Edwards and TO are dangerous, and it doesnt stop there. Well, check out what happened the last time we played the Bills, and then Below it, dont miss a classic game from Bucs/Bills history. 1988, when the lowly Bucs upset the AFC East Champs on a huge 4th down goal line stand in the 4th qtr! Jim Kelly. Thurman Thomas, yup, we beat them. In fact, the Bucs have the best winning percentage against Buffalo than any other team. We are 6-2 against them. Only losses were 1976 (imagine that) and 1991, when we were 2-14, and we kept that one close.


SORRY, the final score did not appear very well. It was Tampa Bay 10, Buffalo 5

On a historical note, both of the losingest coaches in Bucs history, Ray Perkins and Sam Wyche, had moments where the team looked like it was coming into its own. Both had late season winning streaks, followed by the next years club starting out of the gate very well. Both however, managed to lose an important game that year which started a losing skid that would always turn into a 5-11 or 6-10 season.

This was the first, for Ray Perkins, of a 2 of 3 game impressive winning streak at the end of 88. After this, the Bucs played the New England Patriots, a good team then, in the COLD, to a 7-7 tie in Foxboro, but Ray Perkins won the overtime toss and decided to kick instead of receive. 
Oh well, it was Ray Perkins.
Then game 16 the Bucs beat the Lions, for a 2 of 3 win streak.
Coming into 1989, the Bucs openned with a win over an improved Packers team, and just barely lost to the world champs San Francisco 49ers. after a win over Saints, loss to Vikes, and win over Bears for the first time in 6 years, the Bucs stood at 4-2. But a Testaverde-less Bucs team would lose to Rodney Peetes last minute TD run for the Lions, and start a 5 game losing streak.

Wyche's run was a 4 game win streak at the end of 94 followed by a game 16 loss, then a 5 dash 2 start to 1995, where he proclaimed to the press how he was in fact, 5 dash 2, in those words. Before you knew it, he was 5 dash 5. That team did get to 7-7 with a chance for the playoffs, but lost the last two, but at least snapped 13 straight double digit losing seasons.