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Cannon Shots: Quick Hits on the Bucs

Wanted to at least get this stuff out to Bucs fans, though they may become full blown columns at some point.

- The Bucs and Ruud have been working on a contract extension for several weeks now, according to Jason LaConfora.  Not a surprise I guess, but I wonder what the end game is here.  Apparently looking for Bart Scott money (approx $8 million a year).  But with no salary cap (or floor) next year, I wouldn't be surprised to see him not get a deal, to get tendered at the highest level.  This would cost less for the year and if some other team went after Ruud, the Bucs would get compensation.

- Jonathan Compas was supposedly going to start at center.  Byron Leftwich made a reference to he and Sean Mahan working together on Sunday.  Sounds like it's Mahan we'll see.  Good luck Byron

- Saw something on T.O. this morning on Sportscenter.  Apparently he's accustomed to putting up mediocre Week one performances only to come back with a vengeance in week 2.  We've been warmed by the Worldwide Leaders in Sports.  (Da na na, Da na na)

Just a few quick hits.  Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.