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ON THIS DAY- 9/17/1978; The First Big Win in Bucs History

They were still a joke. They lost 26 games in a row, but won the last two of 1977 to go 2-26 lifetime. Started their third season with a new QB, who threw a pick six on his first series, and got hurt and missed the second game. The Bucs were 0-2, and everyone thought they would lose 14 more games this year. And who did they have to play? The Minnesota Vikings, the team who won every Central Division championship for the last decade.
Listen to Jimmy The Greek in his prediction.
What happened? The Vikings got a dose of what was to come, a Bucs team with a very good defense, and an offense that can score here and there finally. ...and that QB was Doug Williams.

NOTE: You often see this video clip when NFL Films wants to talk about the 0-14 Bucs, or 0-26, but in fact, this bumbling stumbling clip of kicker Neil O’Donghue trying to kick the ball out of bounds but wiffing, comes from a Bucs victory, and a game that would be the turn around for the franchise!