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Buc 'Em adds to it's family

As Niko and I have gotten our feet wet in the preseason and geared up for the preseason, it became apparent that continually updating Buc 'Em would be both an exciting challenge, but a difficult one.  As we've gotten settled in, we started to look for additional help in the writing department.  We had a few offers and individuals interested in writing for Buc 'Em.

As such, we'll be adding an additional writer or two.  First new writer joining Buc 'Em will be Sandy Kazmir.  He's been a writer over at DRaysBay and has decided to add Tampa Bay football to his resume.  He'll be contributing a few columns a week, a look back at previous games and some statistical pieces.  Welcome aboard Sandy!

Another part-time addition will be UNFNole. You probably recognize his name from the many comments he's left on all of our articles.  He's going to add a column a week as his schedule allows.  Look forward to reading your stuff!

If anyone else has an inkling to write for Buc 'Em, to have your words read by dozens, thousands of people each week, let me or Niko know.  We're always looking to expand the Buc 'Em family.  You don't have to write 3 columns a day, but if you can contribute regularly, that would be great.  We're looking for people who can assist with the recaps, statistical pieces, grading columns, or previews.  While you don't need to be a Mensa member to write, we do ask that it be somewhat professional (i.e. punctuation, spelling, grammar needs to be correct).  If there is an article you'd like to see, or a type of column, an idea, or angle we haven't covered that you'd like to see, let us know.

Thanks again to the guys above for their help and to all of you who read us everyday.