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TKenny Wins Bucs Trivia!!



Congrats TKenny, you wont the Bucs Trivia. 


Its a trick question (as most of my Bucs trivia are).

As most people remember from my post on here, the Bucs have never played a regular season game IN Buffalo. However, they DID play a preseason game there, in 1977 as TKenny has pointed out!

Very Impressive, as I thought everyone would remember the articles I posted about us never playing in Buffalo. 

To be honest with everyone, this fact escaped me until a month or so ago, when found all the preseason games' detailed scoresheets. Going over them one day, I found this tidbit out, and figured it would make a very good trivia question.

UNFNOLE, as consolation prize for being the first to answer the question with the incorrect info, I will make a highlight video of any Bucs game you want to see.

Email me below and we'll discuss it.

Tkenny, send an email to and we will arrange your prize!

Until the next time....BUC TRIVIA!