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ITS BACK!! BUCS TRIVIA!!! First answer posted wins!



Back by popular demand...


ok, no demands...but I was asked a while back about  acquiring some games from the library, so were going to put one up!

The winner of the BUCEM trivia question gets to choose any Bucs game available from the library on DVD mailed to them. You get to choose. A list can be provided to help you if your not sure which one you want, or if you happen to pick one of the 38 games I dont have!

Question after the Break....


First one to BEST answer the question wins. Be specific on your answer. Make a nice full comment with as much detail as you can so we know what your thinking with your answer, because odds are someone after you will answer it after you do, but with more detail, and they could win!


First correct answer wins.

if more than one winner, the first person who answers the questions as correclty as possible will be given credit over someone who posts a better answer after the first, with only a few more details included.




When was the last time the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played at Ralph Wilson Stadium?