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Don't Hate the Visitors (yet). That Black Eye prevents Blackouts!

Can you spot the 'Boys fans? the more you look, the more you find!
Can you spot the 'Boys fans? the more you look, the more you find!

You saw them everywhere. Luckilly BucWild made it back home alive!

The Dallas Cowboys invaded our territory! 

And they brought their team with them!  It was worse than the 2007 Giants playoff game, when your watching in HD, you get to see all of the blue jerseys in the stands.


It brings back bad memories, of times when the Packer fans (Oh Lord, I cant wait till they invade in November) and Bears fans actually at times outnumbered the Bucs fans.

Its easy to lay blame, but even then, there was a reason. 


That leaves single game tickets open, and anyone is welcome to purchase those, even the bad guys.

Bucs fans back in the day either werent interested, or knew they could get a ticket day of game. in the mean time, fans from up north WOULD purchase tickets in advance.

Same thing is happening now, as the Season Ticket base has shrunken due to the economy, plenty of empty seats are left for those visitors to purchase before our fans get to.

There is one benefit to it, and one big reason why we should not be too upset. At least the games arnt blacked out. 

There are far more than 64,000 Bucs fans out there, and plenty have very good reasons why they cant make it to the game. Work, affordability, weather, lack of interest to attend every game, and need to watch the game on the TV. Not everyone can make it to every game, and thats not a problem.

So what can we do?

1) If you plan to go to a game, try to get tickets now, rather than get one later.

2) IF you can, try buying a ticket from the Bucs themselves, and not stub hub or buying a scalped ticket. Why? Even though you are doing your part and going to the game, those tickets are already counted. A new ticket purchased from the Bucs, is one more seat that counts against the Blackout. Also, Visitors who get stub hub seats cannot sit together in big blocks which look terrible and sound equally as bad. Plus, anyone coming from another city will want a ticket in hand, not risk getting a scalped ticket. 

3) Save up your money, and if you can, get onboard with any Season Ticket offers next year, which prevent single game tickets from being available.

4) Hope the team wins. Even in the 70s, the Bucs did not sell out the stadium until they started to win. By 1997, you couldnt get a seat. This town loves a winner. call it what you will, but Tampa Bay will go see a winner.

And remember, when you get peeved watching the game on TV, dont blame anyone, be thankful for those guys for helping you watch the game from your chair!