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ON THIS DAY- Best opening day ever- 9/13/1987; The Burning of Atlanta

I asked yesterday, anyone know which Buc could have thrown 5 TD passes in opening day record win?

It was Vinny Testeverde's first game as a pro, but Ray Perkins, also his first day, as Head Coach, would not start Vinny.

He went instead with the proven veteran Steve Deberg, as the other Steve, Young, was gone to the 49ers. Enjoy this on opening day 2009!


Check out the end, where Ray Perkins steals the hat off of a deputy! 

Also, you may reckognize no. 89....thats probably the best if not one of the best Wide Receivers in Bucs history, Mark Carrier. As a rookie, he wore 89. The next year he switched to his familiar 88. 

Who do you think is the Bucs all time best Wide Receiver? 

Joey G?



Kevin House?

maybe the guy starting today will become him?