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Some Answers from 'A Cowboy Nation' on their 2009 DALLAS team

For months now, weve seen what our fellow Bucs fans think about our Bucs; well arn't you a little curious about how Cowboys fans feel about their team? Well We asked Phillip Baggett with Dallas Cowboys Nation, and here are his thoughts on some Cowboys issues. Some are similar to yesterdays, so thats a nice way to confirm the way they feel!


1) Do the Cowboys feel they are a dominant team, or a team headed that way?

I think this team has a lot of built up anger from all of the turmoil that they have been through the past few seasons. They have been everyone's pick to win it all, as well as everyone's pick to blow it! The body language of this years team says to me that they no
longer are enamored with people talking about how good they can or cannot be, they understand that the time for talking has come and gone, and now they must prove to themselves and everyone else what they can be. So in short, they feel they are headed in the right direction.

2) How is the team dealing with the loss of TO?

From everything I have seen and heard this entire team is in a much better place with T.O. not being here! Do not get me wrong he was a very valuable asset for this franchise, and at the same time a giant pain in the you know what!

3) Many NFL fans believe Wade Phillips is on the hot seat. Do Cowboy fans feel the same way? or are they more patient?

Yes! he is sitting on an open flame! Cowboys fans have been very divided when it comes to Wade since the day he took office. Some fans have been patient with him, and others have called for his head before the announcement of his hiring took place. Nothing but a deep run into the playoffs will save his job now.

4)Traditionally, the NFC East is a powerful division, but now all 4 teams always have good years. Since the Bucs play all 4 NFC East teams, we want to know strong is the NFC East this year? 

The NFC East is by far and away the strongest division in the NFL, Bar none! From top to bottom every team in the East has a legitimate shot to beat anyone at any time.

5)How do you explain that the Bucs have only beaten the Cowboys twice ever in history, in 2000 and 2001. Yet lost 1977, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1982 playoffs, 1983, 1990, 1990, 2006 and 2008?

Well I do not know this for sure but I feel pretty confident that in all those years the Cowboys were a playoff contention team, and the playoff years in Tampa have been somewhat few and far between.


Thanks Phillip, and Buc Em readers can check him out at