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First cut down day has arrived

September 1st has arrived, and while some folks equate this with the start of football season, others associate it with the end of a dream.  It's the first cut down day for NFL teams, who have to go from their 80 man camp rosters, down to 75 players.  5 players isn't a lot to cut, and you won't see many big names on the list.

The Bucs have already cut their 5, with the most recognizable names being Kelly Campbell and Dexter Jackson. 

The next cut down day is September 5th, when teams have to make the cut down to a 53 man roster.  This is where some decent players who can contribute and provide depth are found.  Don't be surprised to see either some low level trades or a flurry of movement on and around September 5th as players become available.

One other note, if a veteran is on the team as of opening day, he is guaranteed his full salary, which often leads to players not being picked up until after opening day.  Keep an eye on that.