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Are you ready for some football?

The time has come!  While it's not Monday night, nor is it the Tampa Bay Bucs, it is time for a live action practice game.  Tonight at 8:00 PM EST on NBC, the Buffalo Bills will host the Tennessee Titans in the Hall of Fame game.  This is the first pre-season game in 2009 and kicks off the next month of preseason action leading up to opening weekend.

Couple of interesting story plots in this game.  It's T.O.'s first game as a Bill, it's a chance to see former #3 pick Vince Young on the field, and a look at the Bucs next opponent (the Titans). 

I'd suggest grabbing a cold one (if you're not of age, a glass of Kool-AId works just as well), some chips and settle in for the first game.  Even if you only catch the first quarter, the time is here.  Let's get ready for some football!