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8/8 Training Camp Updates- Matt Bryant back, others out.


Tight End John Gilmore and Kicker Matt Bryant returned to practice Saturday morning (see, Matt Bryant must have seen my video below!!!), but a few other guys are out;

Jeremy Trueblood- Back

Derrick Ward- foot

Angelo Crowell- hamstring

Clifton Smith- hamstring

Michael Clayton- hamstring

Kelly Campbell- quad

Jeff Faine- groin

Joe Filani- hamstring

Greg Peterson- knee



What happened, was there a massive food fight at the movies, or did Clayton try to do an in movie GI Joe improv on somebody?

No word on how serious or not serious (which is more likely) these are. 


What are they doing?


  •  Red Zone Offense; as you know Raheem has called for a 60% success rate. Luke McCown looks very well adjusted.
  •  Ryan Simms gets good pressure in and looks good with his bulky size.
  •  TD pass from Leftwich to Sammy Stroughter, as both continue to impress in camp
  • Today's practice NOT as up-tempo as yesterday
  • AB vs Aqib battles today are great. Barber took him on yesterday, but Ronde is sitting out mostly today.
  • Cadillac shows NO SIGN of ever having had an injury.....EVER! Sharp Cuts!
  • Another HUGE CROWD- 1010am sports host during the week complained of fan apathy because of confusing stats on opening practice. I tried to explain to him...maybe he gets it now.
  • Seems as if the Bucs are doing a lot of special teams stuff to make up for the time they lost yesterday which was scheduled to be a special teams practice.
  • Expect more 2 minute stuff later at the 4:50 practice.
Start the countdown Bucs Fans!! This is the last week without Bucs football. Get your fix tonight with the Hall of Fame game.