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Video of the Day: "All you have to do is watch & listen"!!!

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This is the last day for awhile that an ON THIS DAY feature is not available; mostly because there just arnt enough preseason games available to cover each day, and there is not a lot of content for preseason games played this early in the month. So instead we reach into the vault and pull out.....TaDa!!..a 2006 classic; Philadelphia at Tampa Bay, the day before Matt Bryant day! And as Mr. Bryant is fighting for his proverbial right footed life from challenger Mike Nugent, maybe he will get a little cheer as he catches his great moment. He is getting his Bucs fill from Buc'em right?


So how do you feel about Matt Bryant?

Should we keep him, even though he really cant make long field goals any more? Should NFL teams show more loyalty to players, or is it all about what have you done for me lately?

Do you think Mike Nugent is an upgrade?

No really, I WANT TO KNOW!!! 

Meanwhile enjoy!


2006 Week 6 Philadelphia at Tampa Bay from Niko H on Vimeo.