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Video Of The Day- 1998 Minnesota at Tampa Bay

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Oh Danny Boy! Your eyes are smilin today!

By there is no "On This Day" video available, so we go with a clip. This game is a shoe in for being the O.T.D. video for November 1st, so mark that on your calendar. 

Raymond James was only a few games old, and the Bucs were struggling to repeat their '97 performance. They were 3-4, while the Vikes were undefeated. For some reason, the Bucs started their bad habit of beginning a season 3-4. They did it every year from 98-2001 under Tony Dungy.

So any Idea why The Bucs started out 3-4 every year from 98, 99, 2000, and 01? 

Was it Tony Dungy's too calm demeanor?

Was it the Heat of Florida?

Was it lack of a leader on Offense?

While your thinking of your answer, which we'd love to hear... Enjoy this.


807 Vikes 998 from Niko H on Vimeo.