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Cannon Shots: A recap of Thursday's training camp session

We're back at it again.  Recapping the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's Thursday practice session.  We'll have some updates on injures, a look at tomorrow's practice, and a surprising call out on a certain new Buc player. 

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- Let's hit the injuries first.  It was thought that Antonio Bryant would be back on the field today, but he was nowhere to be found.  He's still considered day to day.  A few other Bucs are dinged up and on that same day to day list; Kyle Moore and Derrick Ward are two of the bigger names.  Michael Clayton (hamstring) and Jeff Faine (groin) are going to be out until next week.  Nothing serious, but no reason to push it in camp.

- The afternoon practice for Friday was canceled.  A full morning workout is still scheduled, but it looks like Morris is rewarding the players after a tough week of practice.  The thinking is to alternate days with one session on day and two a days the next, to help keep the players fresh.  Instead of practice Friday night, Morris and the team will be hitting up a movie.  Let's hope it's something like "Remember the Titans", not "The Replacements."

- For everyone wanting to see what the future holds, Friday's practice will feature Josh Freeman and Josh Johnson at QB taking most the reps.  This will be a good chance for either guy to step up with Luke McCown and Byron Leftwich getting some rest. 

- Morris is still pointing towards McCown or Leftwich starting thus far.  It'll take a few preseason games, but it seems the odds are in those guys' favor.

- Morris called out Kellen Winslow today.  Pewter Report has the article here.  Let's check out some of the quotes.


Oh, he's definitely talented, but I'm also starting to get an idea of the problems he's had, But I think it's the first time anyone has ever addressed him, talked to him about it. He understands, he looks me in the eye, I look him in the eye and that's it-my bad. If he does something good, I'll tell him my bad. Sometimes his emotional energy is going to give us a lift and other times it hurts. He's got to know when it's the right time.

As a Bucs fan, that makes me say, Yikes.  This is pre-season and he's walking back to the huddle with his head down after a dropped pass?  And flipping the ball around after a catch?  We better start hoping he can pull it together emotionally.  As talented as he is, we need his head in the game and don't need sulking or 15 yard penalties

 - The wide receiver battle, particularly for the 3rd and 4th spot is getting pretty competitive.  There are 4 or 5 guys vying for 2 spots, maybe 3 spots as a wide out.  Keep an eye here, as anytime we line up 3 or 4 wide, these camp names will be on the field.

- Quincy Black and Roy Miller are still turning heads.  I'm taking it with a grain of salt, but when these guys are running with the ones, and the coaches are throwing praises at them, that speaks volumes.  It's easy to impress running with the camp fodder against the 3rd string O, but these guys are doing things against the ones with the ones.

We'll wrap it up here.  One practice tomorrow then the team gets a night off.  Well deserved rest for the squad.  And when they come back on Saturday, it's a week until game time.