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ON THIS DAY: August 5th, 1991

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ON THIS DAY- is a video feature that shows a highlight movie of a Bucs game played on this very day, on some year in the past! When I started my site, I had to play videos with Buc'em at the beginning, so now its the other way around! In a few days they will say the correct website! Also, too late to correct the date in the movie, which says 8/4. The game was played on 8/5. Feel free to ask any questions in comments. Enjoy.

805 1991 P1 from Niko H on Vimeo.

Click the video name (805 1991 P1) to see the video on the server, or click on NIKO H to be taken to my video library on the server. You will not be able to play a video set for release on a future date as it is locked.