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Back in the Buc 'Em family

As you may well know, over the past few weeks there have been some personnel changes at Buc 'Em.  JScott, Niko521bucs, The BullGator and Craig T (my apologies if I left anyone out) were all part of the Buc 'Em family.  Due to various personal reasons, they disbanded and turned over the lead blogging duties to myself. 

One of the members, Niko521bucs, eventually started up his own Tampa Bay Buccaneers website.  He and I have remained in contact and after some deliberation, he has decided to come back to the Buc 'Em family. 

He will be coming over from his website, which will be closing shortly, to re-join SBNation and Buc 'Em. 

What you may remember about Niko is not only his video-making/editing abilities, but his wealth of Buccaneer's historical knowledge.  He was also the creator of most, if not all of the videos on Buc 'Em in the last few months, including "Michael Clayton: Friend or Foe, Young Guns, and the Ring of Honor videos. He and I will be working together on providing you every piece of Bucs info past and present. 

Be sure to give Niko a warm welcome (back) to Buc 'Em. I, for one, am grateful to have him back.  Welcome back Niko.