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Special teams practice at training camp

Tuesday was day 4 of training camp, and a day for special teams only, while the position players had a  break for a day with lifting or running sessions before resuming two-a-days on Wednesday.  There are a few battles going on with the special teams units which will definitely shape our football team.  Let's take a look at some of the stories and news from Tuesday's practice

- Matt Bryant had the day off with a slightly tweaked leg injury from Monday's practice.  Though not expected to have him miss any real time, it did leave all the kicking duties to Mike Nugent.  He kicked well, but he did miss two kicks.  One was with most of the team around him in a semi-circle screaming and yelling at him.  Tough circumstances, but I'm willing to bet stadiums are just as loud. 

- Several players including Carnell Williams (Cadillac), Clifton Smith, Sammy Stroughter, and Kareem Huggins have all been fielding punts and kickoffs.  Good to get a bunch of guys some looks back there.

- Maurice Stovall, noted special team standout the last few years, and Elbert Mack took some reps as flyers on punt coverage. 

- Right now the team is trying to adapt to the new rules (no wedge on kickoffs, and new placement rule). 

- I'd imagine that Clifton has both return jobs locked down, but will see some new faces occasionally.  With Caddy, Stroughter and (maybe) Dexter Jackson, I like that alot better than having Ike or Galloway drop back.  Ike had great hands, but he was good for a fair catch, maybe a 2 yard return.  These other guys have some explosiveness.

- A change in practice as every player had to be on the field today.  Typically on special teams days, the position players have the day off.  Raheem Morris has made it mandatory for everyone to be there.  He's calling special teams the "We-fense" as in it's about the group.  Interesting strategy.

- Josh Bidwell looked sharp.  Hopefully he can keep it going.  It often goes unnoticed but a Pro Bowl type punter can help your team in so many ways. 

- Back to the kickers.  Don't look too much into Bryant not kicking today.  They were set to alternate days as it is.  For the big scoreboard, Nugent is at 2, Bryant at 0.  Lower is better here (total of misses).  Morris said before camp

You line up the ball, you snap it, you tee it up and you let them kick. Whoever gets the ball between those two yellow bars the most wins

Keep that in mind as the pre-season goes along.  We'll see how it plays out.

Tomorrow resumes the full team practices.  We'll keep you updated at Buc 'Em.