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Dexter Jackson Released

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had until September 1st to get down to the 75 player limit.  It looks like they did it a day early by releasing Dexter Jackson.

A wide receiver out of Division II (or the FCS Division), he was a second round draft pick by the Gruden/Allen regime.   He was drafted for his speed (4.27 40 yard dash) and hopes that he could help stretch the field and return kicks/punts.

After struggling a bit in the 2008 preseason, he returned a punt for a touchdown in the last preseason game, giving us all hope that he could perform at the NFL level.  However, after the first few agmes, it was obvious he wasn't ready for the NFL level.  He appeared tentative and indecisive, often stumbling to the ground or avoiding a hit. 

There had been hopes that he could turn it around this year, but with the emergence of an identical player, Sammy Stroughter, Jackson become expendable.  After one year, and less than 7 games as a Buc, Dexter Jackson has been sent packing.  

According to a Buc 'Em poll, 71% of you thought that Jackson would make the team.  It was not to be.