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High Definition Video Highlights of Jacksonville- finally!

Now, Finally, better late than never (?) the High Def version of this past weekends Bucs Jags game. This is capable of playing in full screen, which is what HD is for!!


The 3rd icon from the left, the little TV screen, in the group of icons on the right hand side, will toggle between HD.

This is the format for all HD highlights for the regular season, which should be up each Monday Morning for reviewing the Sunday game not available on any other site.

Comments are not only welcome, but encouraged.

NOTE: The footage in the future will be pristine 1080i. As I was unable to get it to work, I did not use the full resolution of the video footage, so it will be much clearer. The Miami game will be an excellent example of what to expect in 2009 on  Buc' This video only has half of the video resolution