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Cannon Shots: Quick Notes on the Bucs

Couple of quick notes on the Bucs as they prepare for the 2009 season.

- Cadillac will play Thursday night, approximately 2 series with the starters and will be the last player introduced.

- Jermaine Phillips will be at safety for the Cowboys game.  Geno Hayes should be the weakside LB starter.  He's currently the leader and I don't see anyone over taking him.

- As we've discussed, the QB battle rages on.  Both guys (McCown and Leftwich) will get 1.5 quarters each, with starters playing around them.  This should give the coaches their last look and the opportunity to make the decision quickly.

- The set up for the running backs is interesting.  Morris plays on using a 3 way split with the starter getting 2 series, the next guy in line getting 2 series, and the third back getting a series.  No word on who will be what position going into the season.

If it works, that's what Id like to do.  I want to into it with that thought

- Raheem Morris on the RB split

Some interesting info there for sure, particularly the RB situation.  What do you think about a 3 way split?