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VIDEO OF THE DAY! GameDay recap of Jacksonville

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Ok, Better late than never right?

First of all, Id like to apologize to all Buc'em readers, I have finally found a job, and after working out of my home for the past two year, doing hard work has really taken a toll on me physically, as Im very out of shape from not really being an active person then suddenly having to go out and do some real work.

So its taken me three weeks just to be able to work without being in constant I do apologize for falling behind. Example, this video was supposed to be in HD, it is, but barely, and it was supposed to be widescreen, but I messed that up to...and do not want to keep it on hold any longer. 


So without any delay.... The video recap...


Game Day 8 22 from Niko H on Vimeo.