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Video Of the Day- Enemy FlashBack and Classic Enemy Flashback-

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Last Regular Season Meeting- 2007 Jaguars at Bucs

See Game Day for descriptions..

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CLASSIC FLASHBACK- 1995 Jaguars at Bucs

It was 1995, Sam Wyche was the coach, and the Bucs were in the Playoff Race! ( No really, they were!) And the Bucs had the benefit of having BOTH expansion teams on their schedule. Problem is, in 1995, expansion teams were given greater advantages than the Bucs were in 1976! Free Agency, extra picks, these two teams were competative their first year, and Carolina made it to the Championship game in their second year! The Bucs Hosted the Jags, and it was a wild, wild finish! 




classic EF Jags from Niko H on Vimeo.

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