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Aqib Talib arrested Wednesday night

It's been reported that Bucs DB Aqib Talib was arrested early Thursday morning by the Florida Highway Patrol.

First heard on 620 WDAE, Talib was arrested early Thursday morning.  The charges are resisting arrest and simple battery.  He has posted bail and was released this morning.

Not a good start to the day for the Bucs.  Yesterday was the last day of training camp and Morris had said he was going to extend the players' curfew and even joked around saying he didn't want any phone calls yesterday (inferring he didn't want a call from a player like this).

Some key points to remember.  Talib is int he NFL's susbtance abuse program.  If he is found to have been drinking, that's a big issue.  For assault, if he's found guilty, I'd imagine the Commish will want a word with him.  He's already had issues with physical assault, Rookie Symposium he got into a fight, he hit Torrie Cox with his helmet this year and from "inside sources", Talib has been fined over and over again for breaking team rules.  Disappointing to say the least.

Not that I tend to believe this, but while this is Morris' first real test as a coach, does anyone else find it interesting that btoh Talib and Tanard Jackson are Morris' guys?  Both guys are in the secondary, which Morris used to coach. I just find that fact a little interesting.

Buc 'Em will update you as news rolls in.


Update: It appears that Talib got into an altercation with a cab driver.  After exchanging words, he struck the cab driver in the head.  When he was asked to leave the cab by police, he refused to leave, hence the resisting arrest.