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Day two of training camp for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Some quick news and notes before the end of practice

- Guard Maurice Miller was cut and former USF Bull guard Ryan Schmidt was signed.  Expect to see a few of these transactions during camp.  Some guys are just here to get their tired kicked.

- Mike Nugent and Matt Bryant were both perfect on their attempts yesterday, though it's been reported that Nugent looks to have the stronger leg.  No surprise there, but let's see how long the accuracy holds up.

- Quincy Black looks like the leader at SLB.  He's running with the firsts during nickel practice

- Cadillac continues to look healthy. This could be an amazing story.  There will be a Buc 'Em look at him later in camp, but for now, has an AP (Associated Press) story on him.  You'll hear a lot about him from both inside and outside the organization.

As the news rolls out, Buc 'Em will keep you posted