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Cannon Shots: Tuesday's Recap

Hard to believe we've arrived here, the last day of training camp.  After 19 days, we have seen all the story lines develop and shape the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Practices will continue, but training camp is officially over.  Let's hop into the updates.

- Injuries:  Jeff Faine is still out.  Same with both Bryants.  Will Allen is still out and the Bucs are hopeful he can get back in time for the game on Saturday.  No big news here (a good thing)

- Tickets are being GIVEN away to the next home preseason game.  Some see it as a forecast for blackouts, I see it as no one wants to buy preseason tickets.  Tough to sell those when the price is identical to a regular season game.

- Caddy showed some good hands, hauling in a long pass out of the backfield from Leftwich.  I'm amazed every day he is able to play at this point.

- Stovall and Freeman hooked up on a deep pass.  Nice to know Stovall still knows how to catch.  Please do it in a game.

- Josh Johnson got some work in with the 2 minute drill at the end of the game.  In retrospect, that TD he scored was an awesome athletic play (watch how the only person who knows whats going on is the center, he snaps it, no one else moves for a split second).  I'd like to see what he can do on designed plays, not forced scrambles.

- I was pretty pleased with camp this year.  Great environment, good to be that close to the players.  I thought Morris and company did an excellent job.  I like the fire he brought to camp, the addition of padded practices and hitting.  Only one big injury that occurred, and that had nothing to do with contact (AB).  Morris has got this team off to a good start.  The attitude, discipline, and leadership appear to be in place.  I hope it translates to the regular season.

- This is/was the last practice open to the public and full media.  Hopefully the training camp updates have given you an insight into not only what goes on, but how it shapes the team.  Hope the information helped to bridge the dead space of football season.

That will do it for Buc 'Em's editions of Cannon Shots: Training camp editions.  Keep it tuned here for all your Bucs news.