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Cannon Shots: Updates from Tuesday's Practice

Pretty eventful day.  It's the second to last day of training camp I believe, and with the Tanard Jackson suspension, it adds a few more questions into the mix.  You have to wonder where Phillips will end up now.  Could mean an extra LB or Safety makes the team initially.

- The big news is T-Jack got busted for his T-crack.  Ok, lame jokes aside, it isn't reported what he took, but he said it's been going on for awhile.  Pot would be the best guess I could offer, but it's just a guess.  With him gone, Will Allen has to step up and Jermaine Phillips did take some snaps at safety today.  Keep an eye there.

- I'm sure it was speculated on elsewhere, but I know that it was definitely mentioned here at Buc 'Em that the loser of the McCown/Leftwich battle may get cut.  Josh Johnson is seeing a ton of reps in practice and while it may be nothing more than a chance to evaluate the young QB, it could open some eyes.

- In terms of the offensive line, check out this nugget from's running update of practice.

11:50: And down goes McCown. The O-line continues to struggle.

Not what we wanted to hear.  But this is still with Faine out and Mahan in.  Hopefully Faine is the missing link

- No pads in the afternoon practice.  Morris and crew rewarded the team with a light afternoon after a brisk morning practice.

- Alot of energy at practice, with the RB's doing a chant aimed at the LB's and Jameel Cook and Elbert Mack having a dance-off.  No word on who won.

- Caddy was fielding punts again.  They seem determined to get him involved.

- Stovall dropped a TD pass, but made up for it later with a great catch.  Bad celebration though.  Went to dunk on the goal post and got rejected by the post.  Embarrassing.

- The Bucs are still mentioning that Hankton is in the mix for the slot WR position.  I will refuse comment on this.  If you want to know what I think about that, check either the game thread or my grading out the offense column.

- Injuries:  Antonio Bryant is still out, Matt Bryant sat out, Will Allen, Matt McCoy, Dexter Jackson, Stylez and Winslow all sat out one or both practices.  If Matt Bryant wants to make the team, he better start kicking.  At this rate, Morris has to go with the available guy it seems.

Not how I wanted to wind down training camp.  No Bryant (either of them), Clayton not getting a lot of reps, Caddy sitting out two games, a disaster at QB and a suspension.  Maybe our adversity this year comes early?