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PreSeason Week 1-@ Titans: Countdown to Kickoff

You've got your Beverages, you've got your chips, the remote is handy, and the TV's screen is clean! You are ready for Buccaneer football! So what's left to go over?


Caddilac is 2009- He was out most of the year. Yet he scored as many touchdowns as Earnest Graham, and twice as many as Warrick Dunn (who played the whole year)! He was getting stronger and stronger..and was having a career day against the Raiders. Who knows what would have happened had he not gotten hurt. To say the Offensive side of the team didnt fall apart after the injury would be a flat out lie! Well he has returned, but unfortunately we wont get to see him for a few weeks in game. He is being held out for the first two preseason weeks.

5 Things to look for..
  1. Can Luke McCown engineer a score as a starter- If he doesn't, that doesnt spell doom for him, but it would sure look nice.
  2. Does Jermaine Philips look like a linebacker- or does he struggle and appear out of position?
  3. After Michael Clayton, which Wide Receivers stand out- and we're not talking about Jerremy Stevens or Kellen Winslow Jr.
  4. How well does Clifton Smith do as a feature back, and how often does he get carries? On 3rd down? or do the Bucs mix it up?
  5. Watch the kicking game, especially Nugents deep kickoffs, and see if Bryant is given a chance to kick a deep one.
3 reasons why it just wont matter..

  1. This is the Titans 2nd game, while the Bucs are playing their first. Big advantage to the Titans who are more game ready. A Bucs win will be impressive when you think about it that way.
  2. The coaching staff is more focused on the battles. Sure they want to win, but they want to come out with a better understanding of who is going to play best at key positions.
  3. Bucs coaching staff is brand new on both sides of the ball for the first time since 1995. Titans coaching staff has been intact longer than most other NFL teams. Bottom Line the Bucs are still learning Xs and Os. 
and 3 reasons you cant miss it!

  1. Its the first preseason game! After this game is over, you're already dying for the regular season. So you may as well get your fill while you can!
  2. Because the last time we saw this team it was embarrassed by the Raiders, and Chargers! You've been sick all offseason, now here is your chance to rinse that bad taste out of your mouth!
  3. If Josh Freeman becomes another Dan Marino, or Troy Aikman, or Peyton Manning, you can say you saw his first pass! Even if it doesn't count.