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Introducing....Game Day Live CHAT!

Ok this is not an official Buc'em trivia question, but what do  we have in common with every other Bucs website??

Separating ourselves further.. introducing a new feature on Buc' game day chat. Its very simple to use, you just log in using any name you would like. You DO NOT have to use your Buc'em login, you can create any name you want. When you log off, that name is now gone if someone else logs on using it. 

Game Day Chat features- 

  • Floatable window can detach from browser winder
  • Create any name you want
  • Customizable fonts, colors, ect
  • easy to use
  • Faster, easier to follow ideas than threaded comments in posts
    On the bottom row there is a button that detaches the chat room window from the browser. Then you can reduce the browser window to the task bar because closing the browser logs you off, then you have to log back on again. 

 Chat window will be active 2 hours prior to kickoff and for 2 hours afterwards to discuss the game.

It will then be removed by staff. Room will be monitored by staff too.

First chat will be for the August 15th Preseason opener at Tennessee Titans at 8 PM. Chat window will appear at 6PM.

(Editor's Note:  This will be a trial feature ongoing during the preseason. Let us know your thoughts on how it works.  This will run in conjunction with the live game threads)