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Live In Game Chat- 8/15/ @ Tennessee


Something new we are trying out this preseason to see how it goes. This in an in-game chat that will be open game days 2 hours prior to kickoff. You can still post in threads on the message board, but for those of you who want something a little more chat like, well, here it is. To log in, just choose any log in name you want, it can be anything. Your not limited to your Buc Em name you can log in as any name you want. Its important you dont close the browser window as you will be logged off. Its best if you use a separate window for this, or better yet, find on the bottom row the detach or float button, which will take the chat window off the browser window, then you can reduce the browser window so you dont get knocked out of the chat room.... 

(Editor's Note:  If you have a question on how to log in, or a troubleshooting question, your best bet is to ask Niko).


Software has been removed after game concluded