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5 mistakes Gene Deckerhoff will make this week:



  Ah training camp, a time for reflection, a time for hope! A time for looking back at the    seasons gone by, and a time to realize that the more things change, the more they stay the  same. Case in Point: Next week when the Bucs play the Titans in Tennessee, you can bet    your home (if you haven't had it foreclosed yet) these five things will come out of Gene's Mic;


  1. "....we'll be back to the 2008 preseason opener after these messages".
  2. The word Golly used 7 times. " By Golly that was a sensational catch by Michael Clayton."
  3. "Look out Bucs fans, this one is turning into a slobberknocker"
  4. ...the 21 times he will refer to Dave Moore as Dave Moore, full name basis; after 3 years. "These Bucs are trying to change that aren't they Dave Moore..."
  5. Try to use Jermaine Philips nickname which is Flip, but confuse it with his first name..."..Oh what a tackle by Flip......Flip...wilson, ....Phlips....",    

           " That's Jermaine Philips Gene...."

           "Thank You Dave Moore" !!!

 NOTES: Did you know Gene Deckerhoff has called 616 touchdowns for the Bucs since taking over in 1989? And 1517 touchdowns for Florida State since 1979? I wonder how many are taken out of each stat for Warrick Dunn?