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Cannon Shots: Quick Update on Thursday's (short) morning practice

Thursday was scheduled to be a special teams practice, but ended up being a full squad practice walk-through.  Some quick notes

- Dirk Johnson was signed to replace Bidwell (for now). DT Greg Peterson was told to hit the road to make room.

- No pads were worn as this looked to be a quick walk through to get ready for this evening's closed practice. 

- Clifton Smith and Jerramy Stevens were back at practice.  No worries there.

- No other real injury news.  Fans seem to be pretty worried about the injures mounting up right now.  Don't worry, it's bound to happen.  We need to stay away from the 8 week or season long injuries, but the 2 week injuries or "tweaks" are gonna happen.

- Tonight's practice will be a run through with the head coach on the sideline, and the coordinators in the booth.  They want to make sure they have the timing down, that they are on the right page.  First real run through for them.

- The QB battle continues to interest me.  I could definitely see the guy who "loses" the battle between McCown and Leftwich getting cut.  Only problem is that leaves us with no veteran backup, but if either of the two vets don't take the lead, it may open the door for JJ or Freeman.

Not much to report from the walk through.  Two days from the first live action.