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VIDEO- On This Day: 8/13/1988

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Ah yes...1988, the year Vinny Testeverde was baptised into the fire! 35 Intercepts, a then record, and the young slinger from the University of Miami had become the franchise QB the team had not had since Doug Williams. 

Here is the preseason followup, game 2 vs the Cleveland Browns and Vinny's old college buddy Bernie Kosar. The Bucs were a young team trying to find a direction. The Browns were still getting over The Drive. Vinny of course would go on and play for the Browns in a few years. On this day, here is how it happened. 


8 13 1988 from Niko H on Vimeo.

So who was the real better Quarterback? Vinny or Bernie?

Take away their supporting cast, the O line around them, backs, recievers, ect....just pound for pound, who was the better QB. Bermie? or Vinny? Lets here your reasons too!