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Cannon Shots: Wednesday's practice and a surprising injury

Only one practice today for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Tomorrow has two practices scheduled with the second of the two being closed and being at Raymond James Stadium.  Tomorrow marks a month until the first regular season game, so time is running short.

Let's take a spin around camp at some stories and some not so good news on the injury front.

- Well, first things first.  We have another injury that may cause a player to miss the 2009 season.  Reported by TBO and Pewter Report, Josh Bidwell will miss the Titans game with a degenerative hip issue.  It's a condition he has had for years, but it has never surfaced in this manner.  The Bucs will bring in several other punters to give a look at on Thursday.  Tests are being conducted to see how long he will need to miss. 

- Other not so serious injuries.  Bryant (Matt), Clayton and Faine continue to nurse minor injuries with Clifton Smith and Jeremy Trueblood hitting the field.  We're starting to trade minor injuries for major ones, not good.

- Josh Johnson got alot of time with the first team today.  Not sure what to read into that other than they want to give him a good hard look over the next few weeks.  I guess it's not entirely far fetched for Morris to either keep 4 QB's (pass) or to keep Johnson on over the Leftwich/McCown loser. 

- Raheem Morris said he wants to see Clifton on Saturday, but not as a returner, as a running back.  Again, gotta see what you have.

- Looks like alot of the newbies ran the 2 minute drill today.  They will most likely be the ones on the field at the end of the game, and regardless of the score, coaches love to run that drill to see how players respond in a game.

- It's expected that a punter will be signed by tomorrow morning's practice.  Not exactly a marquee signing, but keep an eye on whoever it is.  They may be here awhile.

Cannon Shots is done for the day.  Just a few days left until it's game time.