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Video of the Day- Titans @ Bucs 2007

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Three more days to go, and what better what to get pumped up for the start of the 2009 preseason, then to take a look back at the last time we played the team were up against!

This is actually the last time we played the Titans in a regular season contest. The last time we played them in a preason game was actually, 4 years ago..TODAY! Rather than do an on this day video for it, Buc' each week will bring you a feature called REMEMBER YOUR ENEMY; a post with videos that will take you down memory lane of the last time the two teams played, and also a trip back to yesteryear, when the same two teams played a classic battle at any time in their history.

So today, courtesy of NFL Films vault.. highlights of the 2007 regular season game vs the same titans team were going to see Saturday, or very close to it.



2007 6 Tennessee recap from Niko H on Vimeo.